Quoting a doctor who treated Princess Diana at the scene of the August 31, 1997 accident, the daily Le Parisien said "...When the first emergency medical workers reached Diana in a Paris tunnel, she appeared to have minor injuries and her face was untouched."

       "She was very agitated, half-knocked out but conscious," said the doctor.

       Diana repeatedly murmured "Oh my God" as doctors and paramedics began to treat her injuries, firefighters sought to free her from the car and police pushed back the photographers who had been "taking pictures just a few centimeters from her face," the paper quoted the doctor as saying.

       "Leave me alone, leave me alone," Diana said, just before the oxygen mask was placed over her face, and she lost consciousness, the doctor told Le Parisien.

       The body of Diana's companion, Dodi al Fayed, had been thrown 20 yards from the car by the force of its impact with a concrete pillar in the Pont de I'Alma traffic tunnel, the doctor said. He was dead when the first emergency workers reached him (Associated Press).

       What can we learn from all of this? Jesus one time used a similar tragedy to bring forth a spiritual lesson. It appears that some Jews were on their way to offer a blood sacrifice to Jehovah at the Temple in Jerusalem. At that time Pilate, the then Roman governor caught them, killed them, and mixed their own blood with their animal sacrifices.

       Jesus did not take time to explain the "whys" of this tragedy but rather taught an eternal truth. He said, "Do you think that these Jews were worse sinners than others because they suffered such a thing?

       No! not at all! Don't you realize that unless you repent and turn to God by leaving your evil ways that you likewise will be eternally lost?"

       Then Jesus used this illustration: "What about the 18 men who died when a large tower fell on them in Jerusalem? Were they more guilty offenders of God's ways than the rest of mankind? No, not at all! Don't you see that you to will be eternally lost unless you have a change of heart and turn to God?" [Read it for yourself from the words of Jesus - Luke 13:1-5.]

       My friend, God did not send His Son into the world to condemn and judge you! But that you might find salvation and be found safe from eternal death through Him. The person who believes, clings to and relies on Christ will never face rejection or incur damnation [Read it for yourself from the words of Jesus - John 3:16-18.]

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Don & Wendy Krow


Tract No. 33